Apollo Kino rules of conduct

Dear friend!

To ensure that your visit is enjoyable, all guests and employees of Apollo Kino must adhere to the rules of conduct.


  • Apollo Kino OÜ, registry code 12383294 (hereinafter referred to as Apollo Kino or the cinema) reserves the right to change the times of the scheduled screenings and the format in which the films shown.
  • It is prohibited to bring your own food and/or drink to the cinema auditoria. It is also prohibited to consume your own food and/or drink in the general area of Apollo Kino. Only food and beverages purchased from the Apollo Kino shop and/or the Blender juice bar are permitted in Apollo Kino auditoria.
  • Failure to comply with the prohibition will result in confiscation of your food and/or drink on entry until the end of the screening and/or removal from the cinema. Apollo Kino is not responsible for the spoilage of confiscated food or beverages. Apollo Kino reserves the right to apply a fine of EUR 200 to anyone entering the cinema with their own food and/or drink and/or to remove the respective cinema-goer from the cinema without refunding the ticket price.
  • In order to ensure the safety of cinema-goers and to prevent them from entering the auditoria with their own drinks/food, Apollo Kino staff has the right to check their belongings at entrances.
    The check is voluntary, but Apollo Kino staff have the right to refuse to admit to the cinema any person who refuses to have their belongings checked.
  • Apollo Kino staff has the right not to admit to and/or remove from the auditoria any person violating Apollo Kino’s internal rules without refunding their ticket. In the event of a severe breach of the rules, Apollo Kino has the right to detain the offender until they are handed over to the police or security staff.
  • Taking pictures and videos in the auditoria is prohibited. Failure to comply with the prohibition will result in the person being removed from the cinema and the equipment used for the recording being confiscated and destroyed. In addition to the above, Apollo Kino has the right to charge the violator of the prohibition of photography and filming a contractual penalty of EUR 2,000 and to remove the respective cinema-goer from the cinema without refunding their ticket price. Apollo Kino is not obligated to reimburse the cost of the equipment used for the recording.
  • In the event of evacuation, unused cinema tickets will be compensated with gift tickets of the same value, the unused part of which will not be refunded. Damages are compensated with a gift card of the same value.
  • Parents who allow minors to the cinema without parental supervision shall ensure that the child complies with Apollo Kino internal rules and shall be responsible for ensuring that their child does not, among other things, enter the cinema with their own food or drink.
  • Cinema staff have the right to ask you to present an ID when you enter the cinema to check if you meet the age requirement for a film. See the age limits HERE.
  • Apollo Kino is not liable for loss, theft or damage to the personal belongings of cinema-goers.
  • Apollo Kino reserves the right to refuse admission to or remove from the premises of the Apollo Kino any cinema-goer who does not comply with these Apollo Kino internal rules, the Apollo Kino age restrictions or the Apollo Kino terms and conditions of sale and use without refunding the ticket price.
  • Apollo Kino reserves the right to amend these Apollo Kino internal rules at any time without prior notice.


  • Apollo Kino tickets can be bought from the ticket desk, on the Apollo Kino website www.apollokino.ee or on the Apollo Kino mobile app.
  • Apollo Kino opens 15 minutes before the start of the first screening but no earlier than 10:00 and closes 15 minutes after the start of the last screening.
  • Tickets and change given must be checked at the ticket desk; later claims are not reviewed.
  • Apollo Cinema is not obliged to exchange the purchased cinema tickets and return the ticket money for unused cinema tickets.
  • A valid ticket must be kept throughout the entire screening.
  • Cinema staff reserves the right to ask for your identification document.
  • Tickets can only be reserved for larger groups.
  • Apollo Kino reserves the right to refuse to sell tickets and refuse entry to a person who is drunk, has severe personal hygiene problems or is disrupting other guests with their behaviour.
  • Wheelchairs users can visit the cinema for free if they sit in the wheelchair.
    If the client wishes to sit in a cinema seat, they must purchase a ticket. Wheelchair users can watch a film in the first row of Saku (screen 1), screen 2 and screen 3.​


  • Wheelchair users can access the cinema for free if they are sitting in their wheelchair. To enter the cinema, please ask for help from an Apollo Kino employee.
  • Children under the age of 3 visit cinemas for free if they sit on their parent's lap. We strongly encourage that you take small children only to family or baby film screenings.
  • Children, pensioners and disability pensioners can access discounts.
  • Group discounts can only be offered if booked in advance. We cannot guarantee a group discount if buying a ticket right before the screening.
  • To access discounts, we might ask you to show us your identification document.

Forbidden items

Guests cannot bring the following:

  • Photo, video and sound recording devices.
  • Food (including alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks).

You can only consume food and drink bought on Apollo Kino premises. It is not allowed to come to the movie with food and drinks from other food chains (except the Blender selection).

  • We can store bikes, roller skates and other transport devices, excluding wheelchairs where possible.
  • Large bags and packages that obstruct the movement of people between the rows and can be an obstacle to the evacuation process.

We will store the items where possible. For this, please ask for help from an Apollo Kino employee.

The following items are strictly forbidden in the cinema:

  • Narcotic, pyrotechnic, easily flammable, toxic, radioactive, lubricating and strong-smelling substances and other substances of suspicious contents
  • Cold weapons and firearms

To ensure security, employees reserve the right to search bags.

Due to the nature of cinemas, and in the interest of other guests and animals, it is forbidden to bring the following:

  • Pets and guide dogs (guests with guide dogs can leave the dog in a secure room during the screening)

Cinema costums

  • Smoking (including e-cigarettes, vapes, IQOS cigarettes, hookahs) is prohibited in Apollo Kino.
  • In order to ensure the best possible experience for every cinema-goer, disturbing other cinema-goers or the staff is strictly prohibited.
  • Mobile devices (except those serving the Star Seats) must be set to silent or airplane mode or switched off during the screening, as an illuminated screen may disturb other cinema-goers.
  • Loud talking or otherwise disturbing other cinema-goers is prohibited during screenings.
  • During a screening, cinema-goers are permitted to leave the auditorium quietly and without disturbing others.
  • Cinema-goers are not permitted to put their feet on the seats in front of them or otherwise disturb other cinema-goers seated on the seats in front of them.
  • Cinema-goers are prohibited from damaging the property of Apollo Kino, including seats, cinema equipment or other objects in the cinema. Apollo Kino has the right to demand that the cinema-goer reimburse the cost of the damaged item.
  • Security is ensured at Apollo Kino by the centre’s security team.

3D glasses reminder

  • You will receive your 3D glasses either from the employee or from the table next to the screen.
  • After the screening or when temporarily leaving during the screening, please return the glasses.
  • 3D glasses can only be used for 3D films. If you think that the 3D glasses are not working, you can exchange them.
  • Hold the glasses by the arms and don't touch the lenses, as it can make your 3D experience foggy.
  • Don't bend the arms, as they can break.
  • If the glasses are damaged or lost, we reserve the right ask for a reimbursement of €60.
  • 3D glasses are also suitable for those wearing regular glasses as they fit over regular glasses.