Co2 detectors in screens

Apollo Kino has installed CO2 detectors for measuring air purity across its cinemas. Depending on the epidemiological situation, varying restrictions may continue to apply in society, including in cinemas. We need to learn to live with the virus and adapt our activities accordingly by finding solutions to ensure safety indoors since caring for clients is a priority for Apollo Kino.

Apollo cinemas and cinema ventilation systems are modern and effective so that all cinemas are well-ventilated and the air is clean and fresh.

To communicate the purity of air and make our customers feel safe, we have installed displays at the entrances to screens that show real-time results of CO2detectors, i.e. the level of carbon dioxide in the screen.

A CO2 detector is the easiest way to check the purity of air. If the air is deprived of carbon dioxide, it means that there are no aerosols in the air and virus particles cannot float around using them since they are the main vector for spreading viruses. If the air does not have many CO2 particles, there are also fewer viral particles.

According to norms set by the Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Associations (REHVA), the level of CO2 in a room must not exceed 800 ppm.

The screens installed at Apollo cinemas show the following:

  • Green lightThe air quality is very good (i.e. the CO2 level in the room is below 800 ppm, the air is fresh and clean).
  • Yellow lightWe are ventilating the room (i.e. the CO2 level in the room is above 800 ppm and the room needs ventilating).

A working ventilation system ensures that there is 10 L of fresh air per customer every second.

If our clients look at the display and see that the level of CO2 is less than 800 ppm, they can be sure that the air in the screen is clean and they can safely enjoy their film experience!