Apollo Kino Solaris

Take your cinema experience to a new level in the innovative ICE cinema hall!
We are the second country in Europe after France, that offers the opportunity
to join a movie experience with ICE IMMERSIVE® technology.
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the cinema hall and see you in Estonia's only ICE hall, in Apollo Kino Solaris.


The experience begins as soon as you cross the stunning immersive corridor, whose colors and atmosphere immediately awaken your senses. The ICE IMMERSIVE® technology is activated before the movie starts, so you can discover film trailers in total immersion. The exclusive panels placed on each side of the theater create a spectacular visual atmosphere through dynamic colors and shapes.

Embark on a journey beyond reality thanks to the revolutionary ICE IMMERSIVE® sensory technology.


From the moment you enter the ICE THEATERS®, your experience starts with an immersive corridor which offer a graphic atmosphere bound to the movie you are about to watch. While this glimpse creates awareness and expectations, it also acts like a portal opening on something very special. The exclusive Ice Theaters®.


ICE Theaters® provides the ultimate projection technology in cinemas with laser powered light source. The technology of this digital projector is based on nine lasers (3 laser beams per primary color) and produces a brightness of 60,000 lumens, which achieves a cutting-edge image quality and spectacular contrast level. The clarity and brightness of this revolutionary system brings both laser sharp image quality and visual comfort. Enjoy the brightest and deepest 3D ever seen before!


With the state-of-the-art Dolby Atmos® technology, enjoy an ultimate sound experience thanks to the 52 different sound sources, 53 speakers and 35 amplifiers. With this technology, you will hear every sound detail, and feel completely immersed in the heart of the movie.


The immersive side panels are used to give a greater sense of speed and direction of a movement, enlarge the greatness of a landscape or enforce the red heat of an explosion in a very smooth and elegant way. The led panels reflect the peripheral vision of the human eye, allowing the audience to stay focus on the big screen for a greater immersion in the movie.


The premium ICE THEATERS offers much more than technological excellence: your seating comfort is also at the heart of the experience. Enjoy a 65 cm wide reclining deluxe leather seat developed exclusively for ICE THEATERS. The gap between rows offers more space for your legs. Curved rows provide an ideal orientation to the screen and offer an optimal visibility.