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Väärtfilmi kolmapäevakud

Uus üritustesari koosneb ülemaailmselt või piiratud regioonides linastuvatest värsketest kvaliteetfilmidest erinevaist žanreist, mida saab tõesti kategoriseerida väärtfilmide alla kuuluvateks – nii produktsioonilt kui ka sisult.

Quality film Wednesday

The new series of events consists of different genres of fresh quality films screened worldwide or in limited regions, which can really be categorized as quality films - both in terms of production and content.

We specially select one of the most rare and noteworthy film gems in the program every Wednesday, in order to offer a truly memorable experience for cinema gourmets, critical viewers and casual adventurers alike.
Come and enjoy some of the best movies in the world on Wednesday nights.

We are now bringing a quality film to Apollo Kino Pärnu and Tasku every Wednesday!

May 29, at 6 p.m., we'll be watching the movie "Yannick".

The schedule of the following Quality film Wednesday:
May 29 - Yannick