Apollo Gift Pass

Apollo Kino offers clients a unique opportunity to gift two months' worth of cinema experiences to their good friends or even themselves.

Apollo Gift Pass is a wonderful gift for a true cinema fan who is eager to see all the new hits. The two-month Apollo Premium Gift Pass grants your friend, partner or colleague access to all Apollo cinemas in Estonia at any time!

Considering the growing demand for new exciting experiences, Apollo Gift Pass is a wonderful gift for Christmas, a birthday, Valentine's Day or other festive days or events.

The Gift Pass must be activated within three months of purchase. To activate it, the recipient must send their name, personal identification code and e-mail address to the e-mail printed on the Pass and it will be activated within one working day.

Terms and conditions of the Apollo Gift Pass

  • Apollo Gift Pass can be purchased on the 
    Apollo Kino website or at the Apollo Kino sales
    point. It is not necessary to have an Apollo Club
  • The Apollo Gift Pass allows the recipient of a 
    valid gift pass, who has activated it according
    to the instructions, to visit Apollo cinemas at
    their convenience for 60 days, with one free
    ticket for each movie.
  • The Apollo Gift Pass entitles its holder to visit 
    cinemas every day during the opening hours of
    the cinemas, using club chairs, double sofas or

  • The package does not apply to Star Chairs and 
    Cinema Restaurant seats (unless the stipulated
    additional fee of 3.50 € has been paid); at
    special events and special screenings in all
    Apollo cinemas.
  • The person who receives the package as a gift must send his personal data, which is name, personal identification number and e-mail address, to the e-mail address indicated on the passport in order to activate the Apollo Gift Pass.
  • The Apollo Gift Pass will be activated within 1 working day of submitting the data specified in this point to Apollo.
  • The Apollo Gift Pass must be activated within 
    90 days from the date of purchase.